Friday, January 15, 2010

PoTY and a WFB update.

Hello everyone. Today I have two things to talk about, well actually three. First of all I just want to say that it's almost impossible to find a good Futhark font on these interwebs. I think that may be due more towards differing oppinions as to which norse runes correspond to which letters. If anyone knows of one, plese let me know.

I have a small update on our WFB league. I sent my proposal to Tim yesterday. It's really a dumbed down version of mighty empires, which acctually makes it a lot more fluid. Each side (Order vs. Disorder) gets a starting set of tiles as their territory and one night a week (league night) both sides gather people to A) Decide on stratagems (one campaign effecting, and one game effecting per week) and B) decide which tile will be fought over (decided by the side that won the previous week. Then everyone has a whole week to play as many gamesas they can and the side with the ost victoies is considered the winner and gets the tile. Repeat as necessary. Here are some highlights:

Campaign Strategem: Season Change
When this card is played the season canges from the one it currently is to
the next season along the track in this order Autumn/Winter/Spring/Summer and
has the following additional rules:

Autumn: Harvest - each side gets an extra 2d6 x 10 gold
Winter: Bitterfrost - Every unit is -1 ld for hiving to fight in the
Spring: New Wicks - an extra d3 3" forests are placed on the board in the
usual manner.
Summer: No change (play as normal)

Game Stratagem: Prisoner's Word

When this card is played your side benefits from intel garnered from
'interrogating' a prsoner and you may Redeploy a d3 units after normal
deployment. These units must stay within your normal restrictions for

When these cards are played everyone would benefit or suffer from te
effects of the Season Change, and everyone who played a game for the side who
played Prisoners Word may redeploy a d3 units. I like the extra level of 'strategery' that goes into this, don't you think it's all kind of exciting?

In other news. The Inquisitive's first annual Player of the Year Tournement will be held on Sunday the 17th. We're starting at 2:00 and I'm very excited to break the Knights of Russ out again. I'm calling the force Odinshunt. wish me luck.

My List:

Wolf Lord Gibson - Frost Blade Belt of Russ, Saga of Majesty
Wolf Priest Jaegir - stock

Dreadnaught Kvasir - MM
6 Wolf Scouts - MG, PW, Meltabombs
5 Wolf Guard - PF/BP, PF/Bt, CMG/PW, CPG/PW, BP/PW

9 Grey Hunters - MG, Rhino
8 Grey Hunters - MG, Rhino
5 Grey Hunters - PG, Razorback - THB
8 Blood Claws - PF

2 Land Speeders - MM
1 Land Speeder Typhoon - HF/Cyclone

Land Raider - stock

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