Friday, January 15, 2010

PoTY and a WFB update.

Hello everyone. Today I have two things to talk about, well actually three. First of all I just want to say that it's almost impossible to find a good Futhark font on these interwebs. I think that may be due more towards differing oppinions as to which norse runes correspond to which letters. If anyone knows of one, plese let me know.

I have a small update on our WFB league. I sent my proposal to Tim yesterday. It's really a dumbed down version of mighty empires, which acctually makes it a lot more fluid. Each side (Order vs. Disorder) gets a starting set of tiles as their territory and one night a week (league night) both sides gather people to A) Decide on stratagems (one campaign effecting, and one game effecting per week) and B) decide which tile will be fought over (decided by the side that won the previous week. Then everyone has a whole week to play as many gamesas they can and the side with the ost victoies is considered the winner and gets the tile. Repeat as necessary. Here are some highlights:

Campaign Strategem: Season Change
When this card is played the season canges from the one it currently is to
the next season along the track in this order Autumn/Winter/Spring/Summer and
has the following additional rules:

Autumn: Harvest - each side gets an extra 2d6 x 10 gold
Winter: Bitterfrost - Every unit is -1 ld for hiving to fight in the
Spring: New Wicks - an extra d3 3" forests are placed on the board in the
usual manner.
Summer: No change (play as normal)

Game Stratagem: Prisoner's Word

When this card is played your side benefits from intel garnered from
'interrogating' a prsoner and you may Redeploy a d3 units after normal
deployment. These units must stay within your normal restrictions for

When these cards are played everyone would benefit or suffer from te
effects of the Season Change, and everyone who played a game for the side who
played Prisoners Word may redeploy a d3 units. I like the extra level of 'strategery' that goes into this, don't you think it's all kind of exciting?

In other news. The Inquisitive's first annual Player of the Year Tournement will be held on Sunday the 17th. We're starting at 2:00 and I'm very excited to break the Knights of Russ out again. I'm calling the force Odinshunt. wish me luck.

My List:

Wolf Lord Gibson - Frost Blade Belt of Russ, Saga of Majesty
Wolf Priest Jaegir - stock

Dreadnaught Kvasir - MM
6 Wolf Scouts - MG, PW, Meltabombs
5 Wolf Guard - PF/BP, PF/Bt, CMG/PW, CPG/PW, BP/PW

9 Grey Hunters - MG, Rhino
8 Grey Hunters - MG, Rhino
5 Grey Hunters - PG, Razorback - THB
8 Blood Claws - PF

2 Land Speeders - MM
1 Land Speeder Typhoon - HF/Cyclone

Land Raider - stock

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year New Focus

Wow, there's so much going on I don't even begin to knw where to begin. I guess I'll begin in resolution season. I have only one resolution this year - I need to get away from the food sevice industry. Seriously I need to look at the food service industry like the French army did in every engagement they entered in the 20th century and get the french out of there. The only problem I see is at this point I'm not qualified to do anything that will make more money than I make as a beer filling shot maker. I guess if I could make it 2002 again I could go back to developing photographs. Or I could make it 1996 again and go back to playing in bands - where as both seem like great ideas. I beleive that I need to embrace a new, more modern skill set.

What are my skills and qualities that would make me an asset to a hiring institution?

Well aside from the normal resteraunt bull sh!t like, "deals well with the public." All of my skills are better suited to running gaming events: "uses overly developed imagintion to create massive multiplayer scenarios for local gaming group" or "can paint an HQ/Lord model in one sitting with great attention to details around the eyes" or "shows new and interested people how to lose their hrd earned fun money via the shortest possible route." I swear, if the gaming industry were a growth industry that did not suffer from an overly saturated list of aspiring employees I'd be so awesome at it. <-- look Ma! I ended a sentence in a preposition!

In other news, Anna and I finally closed on the house, and after a week where I worked nine shifts, we've actually been able to start our renovations. Yesteday we bought 855 sq.ft. of brazilian hickory wood laminate flooring, and later that evening and for a good 4 1/2 hours today I scraped the popcorn ceiling off in the guest room. Tomorrow, Anna will join me and we will try to finish the much larger master bedroom before I have to work tomorrow. After that we will sand and repaint both ceilings in a more flat, less spider friendly manner. Then I install the floors and get to use my new jigsaw!

On the game front, I have less time this year for games and hve to narrow it down to one, maybe two for the time being. I'm too totally addicted to heroclix to give that up, so I will still play that casually with a few people and then I'm stuck with a decision between 40k and WFB. When we welcomed the Mellenium I played WFB and I think I myreturn to my roots for the new decade. Of course this means that my 40k playing will be relagated to casual one off games at best, and a majority of my creative nergeies will go into making WFB as popular at the Inquisitive as 40k has grown to be. Yesterday Tim Wilson, the owner of the Inquisitive approached me with an idea he had to begin a WFB league that would very loosely utilize the Mighty Empires rules and he asked me to brain storm some Ideas on how to run it. I will have more detials as weflesh things out.

Well, good night everyone. Thanks for reading.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Best Painted Army and Second Place Overall

So saturday was a good day. I managed to remember how to play the Knights of Russ, and because of that I did very well. The mindset for the wolves is very assertive if not down right aggressive, and playing so much Tau and High Elves recently has caused me to forget the subtlety of playing an agressive style of warfare. I know the idea of a subtlely aggressive may seem like an oxymoron to some of you, but I assure it is not.

Agressiveness does not mean run at the opposing army guns-a-blazing. Agressiveness is playing your game and stubbornly refusing to deviate from that game plan. You have to ero in on your oponents weak spot and poune on it en masse. In short wolves have to fight like wolves .

Monday was also a good day. I dusted my Tau off and brought them in to the INQ for the new league. I played a game against a very nice man named elric, and though I really was rooting for him I kicked his teeth in 9 kp to 3 kp.

Well there's a tuesday update for you.

Friday, November 20, 2009

So much time, so little to do . . .

. . .strike that, reverse it.

Seriously I hve so much to tell you all about today. We have house stuff, painting progress updates and a report on the Micorpocolypse game that we played on monday. I hope I can get through it all with the time that I have available. I better get started

Another in a string of disappointmentsconcerning my mortgage lender. Anna and I were not able to close on thursday like we planned, and it seems that we may not be able to close on the house until next week or possibly the week after. I really hope that we get the oppurtunity to close before our lease agreement is terminated by our rental company on the first of the year. On the plus side during the final walk through, when I went up on te roof to see where the vents needed to be resealed I got to look out over the valley and all the way up to the mountain, nd the veiw ws spectacular. I love New Mexico.

Secondly I'm happy to report that I finished painting the WoVKoR full half day before tomorrows tournement! This did come at a price, however, or more appropriately at a compromise. The aforementioned Aleric 'Twin-axe' will not be appearing in this operation. I would rather take my time in painting him than rush the job to finish before this tournament. So instead I will be using the Wolf Priest Jeagir 'Childtaker' to fill in that role. I did however paint three wolf guard, a land raider, a razorback, a rhino and two land speeder. Here is my final list:

The Wolves of Valiance of the Knights of Russ
Operation Frost Bite

Wolf Lord Jander Gibson: Frost Blade, Belt of Russ, Saga of Majesty
Wolf Priest Jaegir 'Childtaker': Stock

3 Wolf Guard: 1 Bt/PF, 1 C-Melta/PW, 1 C-Plasma/PW
6 Wolf Scouts: 1 PW, 1 MG, Meltabombs

9 Grey Hunters: MG, Rhino (Magni)
9 Grey Hunters: MG, Rhino (Modi)
5 Grey Hunters: PG, Razorback (Sleipnir)
9 Blood Claws: PF

5 Swiftclaw Bikers: PW
2 Land Speeders: MM (Hugin & Munin)
1 Land Speeder Typhoon: Cyclone, HF (Skidbladnir)

1 Land Raider: stock (Gunginnir)

Total Models: 55
Total Points: 1749

Lastly I'm happy to report that the Micropoclypse game went very well with only minimal complaints. We played a 7 on 7 battle at 1750 Points a side. Here were the lists as I can remember them

Team Buddha:

HQ: Captain Ben May-day: Tau Shas'O with two bodyguards
HQ: Ian Hockert: Greater Demon of Khorne

Elite: Dave Winner: 5 Black Templar Terminators with an Assault Cannon

Troop: Jordan Cafolla: 10 Grey Hunters with PF, 2 MG, Mark of the Wolfen, Rhino
Troop: Aaron Wiley: 1o Plague Marines with 2 Plasmaguns
Troop: Jeph Sears: 10 Grey Hunters with PF, 2 MG, Rhino

Heavy Support: Aunstin Dimmick: Land Rider redeemer

Team Rubber Ducky:

HQ: Captain Tim Vaughn: Dark Angel Commnd Squad in a Rhino
HQ: Dave Lane: Farsight and 1 Bodyguard

Elite: Stacey [last Name]: Venerable Dreadnaught in a Drop Pod

Troop: Mike Youngblood: 10 Eldar Pathfinders
Troop: Matt May-day: 10 Space Marines in a Rhino

Fast Attack: Sean Slimak: 8 Space Marine Bikes

Heavy Support: Ian Stoker: 6 Long Fangs in a Razorback

It was a hard fought battle for both sides with team ducky doing everything they could to overwhelm the flanks of team buddha's line and to hold of the advnce f the center. Team Buddha on the other hand had to hold of the flank advance while holding the center against overwelming fire power. For a couple of turns very little happened and after turn three the ducks were winning 3 kill points to 1. But the Buddha's had immobolized the dreadnaught that landed on one fank and a land raider redeemer full of grey hunters was advancing through cover towards the enemy command post. After turn five the Buddha's had turned the game around and held the enemy objective as well as their own while contesting the nuetral objective in the center and the score was tied at 5 a peice! But the game would not end, and the unstoppable laind raider was moving like Walter Payton into the center of the Ducks line with the Greater Demon in tow. Things looked bleak for the ducks but if they could hold out til the end they could win this thing. The only problem was that the game wouldn't end! After two more turns neither side held any objectives but the ucks were down to their last surviving kill points. The Buddhas had won! Game MVP went to Austin Dimmick and his unstoppable land raider!

Well that's all for today. Thanks for reading everyone.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Phrantically trying to finish some models!!

So I'm painting the units responsible for the Knights of Russ overhaul before the inquisitive RTT on saturday. I'm hoping to get at least a painting score of 7 but would like to take the best painted with them. I'll hopefully post pictures soon, but I may need to buy a new camera.

Speaking of buying new things, Anna and I found out yesterday that we wont be able to close on our house til next thursdy instead of tuesday like we previously planned, which is a bummer. Does anyone know anything about putting in laminate flooring? If so I invite you to Rio Rancho, to teach me how/help me install it/buy it. If you also know anything about drywall even better, I'll glaldy accept your help.

Back to the lecture at hand. Some of the new highlights for the WoVKoR overhaul are Aleric "Twin-Axes" my new rune preist. He's a great minor conversion model and in the course of his design I was able to bring out all sorts of personality traits for him:

Rune Priest Aleric "Twin-Axes," the Storm Hawk, Reaver
Equipment: Power Armor, Runic Weapon, Bolt Pistol, Frag & Krak Grenades, Chooser of the Slain
Psychic Powers: Living Lightning, Tempest's Wrath

Before his ascension to the star warriors Aleric was the bastard son of a village seer. It was rumored that his paternal parentage was a sea god.

Anyway, that's all for tonight. Have a good night all

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Welcome to Phrantic's Wokshop

Welcome to Phrantic's Workshop, a place for me to talk about my current projects, hobbies, ideas, strories nd generl news about my life. I will try to keep this as current as possible for any unfortunte soul who finds this blog interesting enough to visit frequently.